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My long awaited, first all-new product is now being offered: The "NOS Valves VRD." There are now 28 sets of these new amps out in the field, since their initial release in September 2004. Initial response was overwhelmingly positive, and with a number of these amps now being in the hands of customers for 14 months, the level of satisfaction has only become greater. A new page will be added and devoted to these amps very soon, so stay tuned. Until then, here are some pictures and the complete specifications. The price of these totally custom built amplifiers is $3199.00 a pair. Previous NOS Valves customers, and active Klipsch, AudioKarma, and Steve Hoffman forum members are eligible for a discount; e-mail me for details.

Of course, vintage repair and modification of HH Scott, Fisher, Dynaco, EICO, Heathkit, Pilot, etc., and even modern tube gear, is still and always will be my main business here at NOS Valves.

* lettering above is intended for informational purposes and is not present on finished product*

VRD Mono Block Specs

Walnut, cherry and maple hand finished with 5 coats of Tung Oil

Brushed stainless steel Top/Bottom and Rear plates

Custom wood type requests can be accommodated

60 watts Ultra Linear/30 watts Triode switchable

KT88 output tubes, Standard
Full bias control per output tube with above-chassis test points and
multi-turn controls
1.1V input sensitivity
100K input impedance
AC balance control
1000V PS filtering for extended life 
10H choke per amp
All Triode front end, 12AX7 Driver, 12AU7 phase splitter, Direct coupled
Tube Rectified 5AR4
Separate provisions for 4, 8, and 16 ohm speakers
Valve Rollers Dream! The amps can run EL34, 6L6GC, 5881, 350B, KT66, KT88, 6550, KT90 and more (some tube choices require a 5U4GB rectifier tube)

Phase splitter can be experimented with, using 12BH7 or st1:stockticker>ECC99

Input/Driver tube can use 12AX7 and variants
Total Harmonic Distortion .06% @ 1 watt, .15% @ 5 watt, 1% @ Full-rated power 20Hz to 20KHz

Dimensions 10 ¼” X 14” including speaker binding posts

* lettering above is intended for informational purposes and is not present on finished product*

Cherry Option

Maple Option

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