Look to this page for GREAT vintage amp offerings coming up for sale, some totally gone over by NOS Valves! Most will have cap/resistor replacement and brought to spec taking the gamble from the Ebay purchase. NOS Valves will guarantee most of these offerings depending on work done. Product description will be detailed to afford the buyer peace of mind minimizing surprises.



   For Sale

VRD Amplifiers *SOLD*

      I have a nice pair of used Walnut VRD mono blocks in stock and ready to find a new home. Totally tested and they come with like new lifetime (my productive lifetime) minimum bench fee $50 plus shipping cost warranty. First year the $50 and return shipping is free. Tubes have no warranty. The tube compliment is nice quad of slightly used Penta lab KT88SC, JJ 12AX7 and 12AU7, and a brand new Sovtek 5AR4. Overall condition I'd grade at 7 out of 10 ($1750 + shipping)

HH Scott LC21 preamplifier *SOLD*

      At one time this preamplifier was my own personal daily driver which I recapped with Sonicaps and upgraded the power supply with the choke and extra filter stage. I sold it to a customer back in 2005 and he has since purchased a new NBS preamplifier so he asked me to list this one for sale on my website. He actually dropped it off months ago and since then I have been using it in my main system after cleaning the controls, switches and testing all tubes. This preamp has performed wonderfully in my system for months. It does have a few cosmetic issues like some previous owner drilled a hole for installing a headphone jack in the center of the face plate that did not work very well at all so I long ago removed it and used the cover that you see in the picture to cover up the hole which looks pretty good. The numbers have faded around the volume control and the upper right corner of the face plate has a mild bend in it. The wood cabinet is included and is overall in decent condition other then have a small strip of veneer missing at the very back left side. The tube compliment is all vintage USA types that test strong. I'll include a lifetime (my productive lifetime) minimum $50 bench fee plus shipping warranty to the new owner. $900 shipping included to the lower 48 states. If interested contact me for more information or more photos. *SOLD*
 HH 299 second addition *SOLD*
  I have here an electrically Deluxe completely rebuilt 299 (A) second addition with my complete modification and upgrade package ready to be placed in your system. It has been playing in my Living room for 3 weeks so no burn in required. Condition wise the face plate has one corner (lower right) with mild damage and a some random scratches. The chassis is a nice overall condition. If perfect cosmetics is important to you then this is probably not the amplifier for you. Sonically it will put a huge smile on your face. One could always purchase a nice condition still original Scott to source a nice face plate and then re-sell the donor with little end cost involved. The unit will come with the NOS Valves lifetime service warrantee (my productive lifetime), One year with zero cost beyond the cost to ship it here, after 1 year a basic $50 bench fee plus all shipping cost both ways. This is transferable to subsequent owner at a increased bench fee of $75 (currently). All warrantees are subject to the parts I installed so any no-replaced parts are at an additional cost and no tube warrantees. You must first attempt phone/email support to insure the problem is not something easily remedied on your end. $800 shipping included to lower 48 states. *SOLD*
NOTE: Wood CASE not included  

  HH Scott 130 Preamplifier *SOLD*  

This 130 Preamp is from my own personal audio collection. I have used it on and off for the last 3 or 4 years. This preamp worked perfectly when I acquired it on trade. But I still replaced the failure prone Selenium rectifier correcting the voltages for the new SS bridge rectifier. I also replaced all under chassis coupling caps and small axial lead electrolytic caps for Sonic reasons. This preamp will come with minty all original tube set of Telefunken 12AX7's and 12AU7's along with a HH Scott branded rectifier tube. As the pictures below will show almost all the white stencil print is still in great shape on all these tubes. The tubes alone are worth $375 separately but I would rather keep this piece of Audio history with its original tube set intact. The face plate is as close to 10/10 near perfect as I have ever seen. The wood case I would say is 8/10 with some small nicks and scratches as is the chassis with some mild discoloration. This preamp comes with a full one year repair warranty if it breaks and can not be diagnosed and repaired via email or phone then I will fix it for free. You just cover shipping costs. $1150 w/ wood cabinet plus actual shipping cost

After X-mas sale price $1050 *SOLD*  Deduct $100 without wood cabinet


HH Scott LK72 Brown Faced Integrated Amplifier *SOLD*    

Another piece from my personal collection. It's very rare to find a brown faced LK-72 in this nice of condition. This LK72 amplifier has been in use in my living room on/off for the last few years. When I acquired this one it most likely had never been used much since it would shock me if it ever worked properly since the home builder assembled it so poorly. I found countless cold solder joints and very sloppy wiring when I cracked open the bottom cover. So I performed and complete under chassis rebuild and rewired about 80% of the amplifier along the way. I used Russian Mil Spec K40Y-9 paper in oil capacitors in all signal path locations. I also replaced all resistors associated with the vital phase inverters in the output stage. This amp currently works perfectly and is configured 100% original no modifications. The original above chassis power supply filter cans are still working fine. But since they are still 45+ years old I can not warranty those components. The amplifier comes with a complete original tube set 4- Telefunken 12AX7's, 2- Black plate RCA 7199 phase inverters, 4- HH Scott USA 7591's and a Mullard 5AR4 rectifier, The tube alone on this one are worth nearly $500 sold separately. 1 year warranty on work I performed if purchased as is buyer pays shipping costs for repair of work performed.

*SOLD*$775 As is plus actual shipping cost After X-mas sale $800 with High voltage power supply filter cans for full one year warranty Add $120 for completion for 100% warranty (Replace High voltage above chassis power supply filter cans) Add $75 for custom lift off wood cabinet as shown in picture*SOLD*


Bob Latino Dynaco ST-120 *SOLD*

Stereo power amplifier 2-60 watt channels  I just received this amp in on trade. It was originally built by an inexperienced DIY builder and is virtually new. It needed just about a complete redo of all soldering since it would not work reliably from the lack of enough solder on almost all connections. I also replaced (upgraded) all signal capacitors. It now has been playing for a couple days perfectly and sounds darn good for the cost. I'd take this amp over just about anything coming out of China! Great bargain! You can purchase this amp two ways. Without tubes or I will source at my cost and burn in what ever set of tubes you decide you want out of current productions. It utilizes 4- KT88/6550 3-12AT7's and 1- 5AR4 (or 5AR4 plug in SS rectifier replacement). I will warranty the amplifier for 1 year repair you cover all shipping costs. This amp also has the Triode/Ultra Linear switch option.

Link to Bob Latino's amplifier page

*SOLD* ST-120 Amplifier only $925 plus shipping After X-mas sale $875 plus shipping Tube set of your choice at my costs*SOLD*





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