Customer Equipment Status
 *Note* 4/28/2010 Since wait times are at a much more manageable 4 to 6 weeks I'm not currently using this queue page.    
Randy M. Cary CAD-300sei
Scott G. 2-Scott 250 mono
Tyler B. Citation II Complete
Daniel R. Heathkit AA32/FM4 Complete
Brian L. LK150 Complete
Joe H. HF-85 Complete
Guy L. Paragon 12A Complete
Scott A. Fisher AZ80's Complete
Bill T. Dynaco Mark IV Complete
Chad A. Scott 340A Complete
Jim C. Fisher SA-300 & 400 Preamp Complete
Martin T. Marantz 8B Complete
Ivan K. Scott 121-B Complete
Eric T. HK TA-224 Complete
Scott F. EICO  2050 Complete
Robert L. Scott 310E Complete
David G. HH Scott 130 Complete
Doug C. HH Scott 296 Complete
Bill W. McIntosh C11 Complete
Larry W. Fisher KX100 Complete
David S. Scott 272 Complete
Jeremy V. Heathkit UA-2 Complete
Scott H. Fisher X-100 Complete
Rudolph A. Sherwood S5000 II Complete
Edgar F. 3- HH Scott 208 Complete
Gilbert L.  McIntosh MC-60, C22 Complete
Howie T. Fisher X-101C Complete
Louis S. EICO HF-81 Complete
Bob K. HH Scott 350B Complete
Gregory P. Fisher X202 Complete
Tom K. Scott 340B Complete
Bill/Grumpy Conrad Johnson MV-75A Complete
Tom M.  Citation II Complete
Noel A.  Scott 299C & 330D Complete
Rudolf Scott 233 Complete
Jon O. HH Scott 222C Complete
Terry S. HH Scott 299C Complete
Griffin B. HH Scott 299D Complete
David M. Dynaco PAS 3 Complete
Douglas K. HH Scott 222-C Complete
David J. Paragon System E Complete
Jack S. Allen Amp Complete
Craig L. Scott LC-21 Complete
Hanif H. Paragion 12A Complete
Michael J. HH Scott 355 tuner/preamp Complete
Kajetan S. Fisher X1000 Complete
Ivan K. HH Scott 299-A Complete
Michael J. H. H. Scott 399  Complete
Kelly A. Heathkit AA32 Complete
Brad K. H. H. Scott 299 Complete
Keith R. H. H. Scott 314 Complete
Josh S. Fisher KX-200 Complete
Perry J. Fisher R-200 Complete
Michael V. EICO HF-81 Complete
Rick H. EICO ST-97 Complete
Scott F. EICO HF-87 Complete
Peter N. McIntosh MX110 Complete
Gregory P. HH Scott LK72 Complete
Seung K. HH Scott 299B, Fisher 500B Complete
Dean W. Paragon Model 12 Complete
Scott A. 2-MC30 & 2- ST70 Complete
Scott Feder EICO 2080 Complete
Jay S. HH Scott LK-48 Complete
Scott G. HH Scott LK-48B Complete
Jon J. Dynaco ST70 point to point wired Complete
Taran S. Jolida 1000 Complete
Larry W. Dynaco Mark III Complete
Bob L. HH Scott 310D,335 Complete
Josh N. HH Scott 299-B Complete
Jeffrey P. Fisher KX100 Complete
Tom B. Fisher 500C On Hold
Allan S. McIntosh C22 Complete
Rick H. HFT-90, MX99 and HF85 All Complete
Alex S. Heathkit UA-2 (2) Complete
Todd L. McIntosh C-11 Complete
Loius C. Fisher X-1000 Complete
Rich R. Scott LK-48 Complete
Kevin G. MC-240 Complete
Charles D. Sherwood Tuner Complete
Ronald D. Fisher 500C Complete
Allan S. HK A300 Complete
Travis W. MX-110 Complete
Neil S. Scott 370B Complete
Jim W. Fisher 400 Complete
Richard P. 2- Knight amps and EICO HF85 Complete
Ronald B. Pilot 232 Complete
Keshav S. Heath SP-2 Complete
Brett C. HF-81 Complete
Tom P. 222D Complete
David S. EICO HF12's Complete
Bill S. 340B Complete

Customer Alert

Late last week my main computer experienced a hard drive failure at the worst possible moment while it was performing its weekly data backup. This hard drive failure corrupted my only recent backup of all email contacts. The only secondary back up that I have was dated 2/17/2007.  I need current customers with on-going projects on the queue page to please send me an email with all your shipping and contact phone numbers ASAP.

Thanks Craig

Roland C. 222C Complete
Robert G. LK-48 Complete
William L. EICOHF81/HFT92 and S-1000 Complete
Michael S. 222 Complete
Randy M. 1-299A/ 1-Fisher Complete
Peter Kowalski 2-MC-30 Complete
Michael V. 2- Scott 222C's  Complete
Matt S. HH Scott 299B


Stephen C. Fisher 400 Complete
George F. Scott 340A Complete
Richard R. LK-48 (B) Complete
Michael M. Scott 299 Complete
Glen P. Sherwood S-8000 Complete
Frank B. SC ASR-433/SC3000 Tuner and HF81 Complete
Gregg R. Dynaco Mark III Complete
Richard W. 500C Complete
Dave S. & Carl 8B, Citation II, HF81 Complete
Mark K. 222D Complete
Ernest T. 299D

Received Deposit 2/26                *Need to hear from you*

Jason W. Dynaco Mark III's

Received Deposit 3/3                  *Need to hear from you*

Carter S. Fisher 400


Bob S. Fisher 400 Complete
Andy S. Fisher X100 & 200B

Received Deposit 4/18                *Need to hear from you*

Larry W. Dynaco ST-70 Received 4/20 waiting for replacement transformer
T.C. DP. Mark III repair Complete
Robert S. Scott 355 Complete
Robert R. Fisher SA-300 Complete
Gregory P. Fisher FM-100


Michael B. Scott 355 Complete
Wyndham C. Scott 299C


Rick H. EICO FM Tuner Complete
Brian D. 2- Stromberg Carlson AR425 & 1- AP428 

Received 6/13                          *Need to hear from you*

Mio V. Scott 222D Complete
Art C. 2- Heathkit UA-2 Complete
Jamie M. Sherwood 3000V Complete
Dan C. H. H. Scott 399 Complete
Bruce M. 2- EICO HF-12 Complete
Pete A. H H Scott 299 Complete
Griffin B. McIntosh MC-240 Complete
Rene G. Fisher 500C


Mark P. Fisher X-202-B Complete
Jeff S. Scott 222-C Complete
Chuck H. Fisher X202-B Complete
Jay S. Dynaco ST-70 & PAS 3 Complete
James J. Scott 299 Complete
Ron B. EICO HF-89 Complete
Bob K. Scott 130 & 240's Complete
Doug L. Scott 299 Complete
Ed M. HF-81 Complete
Christopher B.
Scott 222B

Received Deposit 10/25 amplifier 8/10*need to hear from you*

Kevin G. Scott 296


John H. Scott 399 Complete
Frank B. LK-72 & LT-110 Complete
Michael P. Scott 299 Complete
Sean R. 2- McIntosh MC30 Complete
Charles W. EICO HF-81 Received Deposit 12/1               *need to hear from you*
Robert F. 500C Complete
Bill R. 500C Complete
Jeff M. 500B Complete
Michael M. 222C Complete
Art C. 3-UA-2 and Dyna 35 Complete
Rod F. EICO HF-81 Complete
Robert S. Scott 296 Complete
Randy M.  LK-48 Received Deposit 1/28               *need to hear from you*
Ron B. EICO ST-84

Received Deposit 1/29               *need to hear from you*                     

Clayton C. Sherwood S-5500 Complete
Heinz W. Fisher 400 Complete
Brent B. Scott 2-272 & 296 & 4-Allen Model 75 & 2- 250 amps 272 #1 Complete, Scott 250's Complete                                 *Need to hear from you*
Leo L. Paragon 12A Complete
Douglas C. Scott LK48 Complete
Lee S. Marantz Model 8 Complete
Theo C. Scott 299C Complete
Chad A. 340A repair Complete
Jack S. Allen Type 40 Complete
Dhar K. 2-Scott 296 Complete
Dan C. Fisher 800C Complete
Ron H. Marantz Model 5's and EICO ST70  Model 5's complete
Joe B. Scott LK-72B Complete
Chuck K. Fisher 500B/X101-c Complete
Mats G. Paragon 12 Complete
John D. Leak Stereo 50 Complete
Stewart E. Paragon 12A Received Deposit 4/2                       * need to hear from you*
Bryan L. Pilot SA-260 Complete
Ryan D. Scott 299B Complete
Benjamin H. 222C & 370B Tuner Complete
Mike F. LK72 & LT110 Complete
Jarl B. Scott 299 Complete
Joe A. Scott LC21 Complete
Ron R. 2- Scott 299A Complete
Michael W. Scott 122 preamp Complete
Frank B. Sherwood S4400 & S-360 Received order 7/9*
Glenn M. EICO ST70 Complete
Greg C. Fisher SA-100 & 202-T Complete
Karl F. & Greg R. 2-Fisher 500C

Received Deposit 7/29 Receivers 8/27 Karl F. Complete

David H. Fisher 500C Complete
Chris W. & Wayne P. Fisher 400 Complete
Jim E. Scott 290 Complete
Mark M. Scott 299 Complete
Sean R. C-22 Complete
Ken H. HF-81 Complete
Bill R. Fisher 600 & 202 Complete
Caroline F. Fisher 500B Complete
Vince W.  Scott 340A Complete
Michael B. Scott LK48B Complete
Greg M. Scott 299B/330D  Complete
Matthew B. HF-81 Complete
Grand H. AQ-1001 Complete
Mike B. 500C Complete
Steve M. HH Scott 399 Complete
Cezary F. EICO HF-81 Complete
Rolando R. HH Scott 233 Complete
Tom E. Fisher 500C & X-202-B Recieved both 11/14 500C complete 11/21 202-B complete
Mike A. EICO HF-81 Complete
Chuck H. Fisher 400-C & SA-300 Complete
Ryan D. HH Scott 121-B Complete
Jon Z. EICO 2080 Complete
Keith M. Scott 222 Complete
Jim O. Scott 299C Complete
Richard W. Fisher 400 Complete
Art C. Teltron preamp Complete
Corneliu I. Scott 299 Complete
Lamar P. Fisher 800B Received 100 Deposit 4/4*need to hear from you*
Pete K. McIntosh C-20 Complete
James H. 2- Heathkit W6M Complete
Chuck W. H.H. Scott 296 Complete
Chuck C.

H. H. Scott 222C EICO HF-87

Kevin S.

HK Trio

Eric E.

Sherwood S5500

Pete  C.  Bigg preamp Complete
Christopher S.   Scott 222C  Received Deposit 6/24*
Yong K.  Scott 130 Preamp  Complete 
 *Note* 4/28/2010 Since wait times are at a much more manageable 4 to 6 weeks I'm not currently using this queue page.


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