We offer service for all brands
of tube audio equipment new or vintage

Welcome to NOS Valves Online! This is the place to bring your excellent vintage Scott, Eico, Fisher, Pilot, Harman-Kardon, and Dynaco tube amplifiers for the ultimate tune up, mod, or repair!

We specialize in bringing back the heyday of tube amplification with the best of the vintage offerings, most of which easily surpass high-end tube and solid state amplifiers, both in sonics and in value!

NOS Valves only uses parts hand selected for their reliability AND Musicality and have been tested in these circuits These have been found to provide the original warmth while increasing resolution and bloom. Custom requests honored.

Some of the parts
NOSvalves uses in their
restorations and repairs

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Beautiful Scott 299a Mk II
Scott 299a Mk II
Scott 299a Mk II with Russian Foil Oils and BIAS Mod
Scott 299a MkII Mod
Eico HF-81 - Painted and polished
eico hf-81
EICO HF-81 wiring with Auricaps- Kiwame - Sprague ATOMS
eico hf-81 Mod
Dynaco Mk III in for complete rebuild
Dynaco Mk III in for mods

     Please do not ship anything until after June 1st. I'll be out of town.  


Wow have I been slacking off on posting! So to try and cut down on the "are you still alive and refurbishing gear" or "are you still building VRD amplfiers". I'll just say if this website is live you can be fairly sure I'm still hard at it. I've been very busy the last couple years with family issues, health problems and plenty of business. So by all means please email any questions or requests! Sorry for not posting! 

             thanks Craig



I have a nice pair of used Walnut VRD mono blocks in stock and ready to find a new home. Totally tested and they come with like new lifetime (my productive lifetime) minimum bench fee $50 plus shipping cost warranty. First year the $50 and return shipping is free. Tubes have no warranty. The tube compliment is nice quad of slightly used Penta lab KT88SC, JJ 12AX7 and 12AU7, and a brand new Sovtek 5AR4. Overall condition I'd grade at 7 out of 10 ($1750 + shipping)



Merry Christmas!! 

Wow the year has flown by! I sure do want to express my thanks for the patience all my customers afforded me in 2015! With the addition of my 3 grandchildren to our lives sure proved to make keeping up with the work flow a challenge. Without doing the math I'm fairly sure for the first time in 15 years my gross sales dropped! But I'm happy to report that my backlog is finally under control! I'm now no more then 6 weeks backlogged on new project coming in. So if you have been holding off sending something in or ordering something feel free to disregard my below post from May! 

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season and prosperous times in 2016!  

Thanks for your support 

Craig, Rebecca, Jordan, Brooklynn and Carter



*Important Customer Update*

  The last 6 weeks has been a very trying time. On 3/30/2015 I was forced to rent a U-Haul to move my Daughter and 3 Grand Children to live with us. This has proven to make life a very interesting and stress-full situation. Since my shop is attached to my home the constant interruptions of having 6 people along with 3 dogs living here with 3 of them being small children that love to spend time with Papa very hard getting my normal amount of work or even any reasonable amount of work impossible to accomplish.

      To make the situation even worse a little over 2 weeks ago I came down with the worst case of the flue I have ever experienced. The flu turned into a severe respiratory infection that basically took me out of commission for 2 weeks. I'm just now starting to feel well enough to accomplish more then a few hours of work at a time.

  So with all that said I'm forced to cut off all new incoming work for the remainder of May and the month of June. This will hopefully give me a chance to catchup on the huge backlog that has piled up.

   I truly want to thanks all my customers that currently have project here that have showed me more then reasonable patience through this trying situation. I ask that you trust that I'll be hard at working as best I can to get your project complete.


     Thanks Craig 



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